John 3:14-21

Sacrifice so one will not perish by have eternal life

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Astrology in the Holy Bible

My wife and I created a ministry named Katrina Pearls.  Although she became an Episcopal priest later, I began this page as an outlet for my writing on a website that had our ministry’s name.  I have revived that website as a dot com and I welcome anyone seeking understanding of Scripture to go there and search the blog link in the heading.

Still, as a program that I presented at my wife’s church in 2017 – during the Easter season’s seven weeks [a five Saturday class of two hours each], I invite you to watch the hours of recorded video from those classes.  The title says “The Astrology in the Holy Bible,” but the purpose was to expose the true birth data of Jesus, based on the astrology of the Star of Bethlehem,  It is a very informative set of lessons.


Class 1 (a reproduction):


Class 2 (before break and after break):


Class 3 (Live until break):

Class 3 after break, reproduced due to “user error” (did not turn the camera back on):


Class 4, beginning after the instruction to write a definition of “astrology.  Recording through break time means only one video for this class.


Class 5, beginning to end, including break.


Class 6, up until the memory disc in the camera was full and stopped recording (at the 17 minute mark).

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