Everyone should be a priest

A Baptist minister said last Sunday that Bonhoeffer wrote a book back in the day, where he said everyone (I presume he meant all Christians) is supposed to be a priest.

This conclusion was then said to be similar to that come to by Martin Luther, when he said the Roman Catholic Church removed that concept of early Christianity, when they began building large cathedrals that demanded all Christians attend; and, they began teaching Scripture in a language nobody understood, so the people became dependent on a Roman Catholic priest to tell them what Scripture meant. Martin Luther said that was not the way Christianity began and thrived.

This certainly is the truth; but the problem is the Baptist Church does no better than the Roman Catholic Church in teaching the people HOW to become priests. It all becomes a cult of personality, where the priest-pastor-minister-preacher is the authority that knows everything; and, knowing everything is not for ordinary people to try and do.

It is the flaw of a circular argument, where the Roman Catholic Church came up with the idea that you can make a whole lotta money if you corner the market on religion. Every church thereafter has modeled itself after the Roman Catholic Church, not the original concept of Christianity being a soul’s divine relationship with Yahweh. That royal marriage then begets the soul of Jesus in the soul of a lost sheep; so, the lost sheep becomes a Saint that is then a priest in the name of Jesus.

It is not so simple as to say everyone is supposed to be a priest. The truth is every true Christian is to be Jesus reborn into a different body of flesh, doing as Jesus does – minister to the seekers, saving souls.

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The religiosity of the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion [June 2022]

Clearly, Biblical Scripture is in support of “Pro-Life” and against planned acts that abort a fetus in the womb of a pregnant woman, called “Pro-Choice.”

4 ‘“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? 6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”’ (Matthew 19:4-6, NIV)

5b “Jesus replied. 6 “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’ 7 ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, 8 and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. 9 Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” (Mark 10:5b-9, NIV)

22 “Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. 23 The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” 24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:22-24, NIV)

When the statements made by Jesus are seen in response to a question about divorce, the concept of “divorce” must be seen in relationship to “marriage,” where “divorce” can be defined as meaning: “to separate or dissociate (something) from something else,” in particular “to legally dissolve one’s marriage with (someone).”

Because Jesus led from a question about divorce, to an answer relative to pregnancy, this should be realized when he said, “what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Yahweh does not lead males and females to find sexual pleasure with one another; so, God does not join physical bodies of opposing reproductive organs together. Having been created male and female is enough to make those couplings most ordinary and natural.

The human rite of “marriage” is a reflection of the true reason that a male and a female must join together, which is to make a baby together. Once the deposits – sperm and egg – unite as one, this begins the process of Yahweh, where Yahweh choses the specific sperm to penetrate the egg, where the ”rib” of the father is then spliced with the “rib” of the mother [DNA]. This union or “marriage” is when Yahweh’s hand guides the cell divisions that form a fetus within a womb. No intellectual abilities of the mother (certainly not the father) force this creation within. A fetus that reaches full term is “what God has joined together;” and, that says “marriage” is the union to the “ribs” of the father and mother, such that the “divorce” of that “marriage” would mean the purposeful “dissolution” of that created by the hand of God.

The acts of abortion then fall under the warning “not to separate” such a union. Once Gods work has begun, to tear a fetus apart means to “dissolve” a “marriage” that was directed by the hand of God. Abortion is thus an unholy act.

The Pharisees that questioned Jesus about “divorce” were told, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.” That says two things.

First, the Pharisees did not understand Scripture, so their interpretations of Mosaic Law was from a human perspective, as if Moses were a great intellectual who came up with some great ideas. Moses spoke to the Israelites as a man that had reduced the Word of God into human terms, all of which then demanded Yahweh be “married” to the souls of the Israelites, so those souls could translate the human terms of Moses into the Word of Yahweh. Each of the Pharisees saw himself as an intellectual equal to Moses, while none of their souls were “married” to Yahweh, as was the soul of Moses.

Second, this says that “adultery” is a worldly influence that takes one away from being a soul “married” to Yahweh. The ways of the world are a constant influence to sin; and, only souls “married” to Yahweh have the inner power (the Spirit) to resist those influences. To fall prey to the lures of “adultery” means to not be an Israelite, instead being like all nations of the world.

Jesus was a soul like Moses, who was “married” to Yahweh [a “Yahweh elohim” from conception]. Both fully understood the Word of Yahweh. For Jesus to lead from a human right to “divorce” a “wife,” one that has faithfully served her husband (which means bearing children naturally), the only motivation for that “dissolution” of “marriage” was the human failure of a soul to “marry” Yahweh, which was sexual lust for another woman.

This form of “divorce” would then lead naturally to other children being born between one man and different women, with ALL children bearing the “rib” of the father being his responsibility to teach. To teach (by example) an adulterous lifestyle would destroy the religion called Judaism. Thus, Jesus went from a question about “divorce” to saying, “If this is the situation between a husband and wife, it is better not to marry,” which means not to bear children.

The statements Jesus made about “eunuchs” are not intended to be some statements acknowledging that castrated males had always been created by souls failing to “marry” Yahweh. Instead, it is relative to the children of men who follow their lusts and leave a trail of children born of adultery, who then have been figuratively castrated by their fathers teaching them sinful ways to follow. When Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these,” that was a slap at the Pharisees who promoted adultery and producing “eunuch” children that had no concept of righteousness. To “let the little children come to me,” Yahweh spoke through Jesus, telling those failed souls they needed to get right with God and “marry” Yahweh, so their children could understand the Word of Yahweh in the same way as did Moses and Jesus.

When Jesus said, “For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it,” this is a statement of the difference between all the nations of the world, versus those who are true Israelites, led away from the ways of the world, led to the ways of Yahweh.

An Israelite is a soul who has chosen to “marry” Yahweh and live with absolute indifference to the lures of a wayward world; so, their bodies of flesh are no longer lured to the adulterous ways. Their ability to reject such sinful influences comes from their “marriage” to Yahweh, making their bodies of flesh become like committed wives (regardless of male reproductive organs) that only bear children that follow the example set by their ways (reborn as Jesus). That lifestyle is what leads a soul to “the kingdom of heaven.”

This is where one should see the United States of America as a nation that is as corrupt as was the ‘city state’ that was Jerusalem, in Roman-controlled Judea, where Pharisees were all souls having failed to “marry” Yahweh, making it unable to understand the Word of Yahweh. Americans are divided by wayward interpretations of Mosaic Law (failed Christians) being mingled with the pagan views of worldly rules, mores and customs (the eunuchs of atheism), which have always enjoyed adulterous ways. There are very few (if any) souls in the U.S. of A. that are married to Yahweh and have become Jesus resurrected (defined as Saints, who are true Christians). Everything seeming to be modeled after human understandings of Mosaic Law are flawed, which can only produce conflict and animosity.

America bows down before a piece of paper called its Constitution. The Supreme Court has been crafted to be led by conservative views that act self-righteous, in the same way the Pharisees saw themselves as holier than their Roman overseers. When Jesus said, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money [i.e.: adultery],” that said a soul cannot “marry” Yahweh, while also being “married” to the human concepts of freedom, liberty, and ideas that says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

The most murderous president in the history of the United States of America (Abraham Lincoln), ordered military commanders to lead over 600,000 soldiers to their deaths [360,222 Union deaths and 258,000 Confederate deaths – Google]. His excuse for those unnecessary deaths was said to be to save the Union [“marriage”], when the Constitution allowed for the “dissolution” of the “marriage” that was the United States of America. America’s forefathers [Adams and Jefferson] recommended the break-up of the Union, if ever the Federal government ceased serving the will of the people, becoming a tyrant like England had been, forcing the initial movement for independence. America was founded on “divorce,” rather than the expectation that the “marriage” of thirteen colonies was to be lasting and forever.

In the same way the Pharisees complained to Jesus that they had the right to “divorce,” if the “marriage” was not pleasing, Honest Abe poorly quoted Jesus. To use such a divine quote in most misunderstood ways implies Lincoln thought of himself as a god and master over a “marriage” that had gone bad. One man’s refusal to grant a “divorce” has forever weakened the master that Americans serves – their Constitution, while forever turning American souls from ever “marrying” Yahweh and having any chance of being reborn as Jesus. This means the vast majority of American love the master that twists the Constitution to meet their adulterous needs, while they hate the idea that Yahweh should be their Master in divine “marriage.”

If Americans truly loved Yahweh and served only Him as the Master of their souls, America would be a nation like was Israel under David. There would be the ‘one party’ system, where the only true citizens of that nation were those whose souls were “married” to Yahweh and totally committed to do His Will. The Supreme Court would be made up of true prophets, all being like Samuel. In that true recreation of a most holy nation, no Philistines would be allowed to have a say about how a divine nation was run. Other peoples would be allowed to coexist on the same land; but all of them would know to resist the will of God’s people would be futile. That utopia is not the United States of America.

As it is now, abortion is lusted after in an adulterous way, by those who seek to destroy any and all chances of America becoming a ‘one party’ government, truly under God. When its children are routinely born eunuchs daily, then it really does not matter how many predestined eunuchs are murdered in the womb. Unless Americans drop down to their knees and submit their souls to worshiping only one God [Yahweh], then they will hate the idea of being Jesus and understanding the truth of Scripture. Abortion would automatically be rejected as a righteous way of living; and, the true children of Israel [a name that means ‘He who retains Yahweh’s elohim‘] would naturally bring forth offspring that would be given to Jesus.

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The foolishness of “Maundy Thursday”

Heard a newsbyte that announced the false pope [Francis the South American Socialist] had said a few Easter words, before getting ready to run down to the local prison and polish the knobs … I mean wash the filthy feet … of Satan who knows who. That is just another sign that Roman Catholicism is as dead in [what they call] the holy water as it has been since the vermin of Vatican City murdered the last pope sent there by Yahweh, possessed by the soul of His Son Jesus.

This brings up a need to explain part of the utter absurdity of what Christian churches wallow in, at this time of year, which is called “Holy Week.”

First off, “Holy Week” is a cheap knock-off for the eight-day festival demanded by Yahweh (through Moses) to all who would serve Him as His wife-souls – as Israelites [a word meaning those “Who Retain Yahweh by being possessed by His elohim … the one we now know as Jesus]. There was nothing written that had Yahweh tell Moses, “Tell those who will much later in time hate Jews that it is okay to change a festival for the Passover to some mockery of this Commandment, as long as they say, “It is what Jesus would have us do … if he were around today.”

While the nomenclature is of less meaning … poe-tay-toe – poe-tah-toe / Passover – Holy Week … the symbolism must always stay the same. The “passover” was to spare a life of one marked to be saved, or to end the life of one not marked to be saved. Whereas the story in Exodus tells of physical deaths of many firstborn Egyptians, that truth only symbolizes the reason this “passover” must be a yearly recognition. It is to be a yearly recognition not by the riffraff that pretends to love Yahweh and be His true wife-souls that are true Israelites; but it is to be only recognized by those souls that have been saved from death (the “passover” of mortality), by having given birth to the firstborn of Yahweh – the Yahweh elohim created as ‘Adam,’ whose soul is now called ‘Jesus’ – a name that means “Yahweh Saves” (from the “passover” of death).

This means the Commandment to forever observe the festival of the Passover is very minimally about the children of Jacob escaping difficulties in Egypt and vastly about the soul’s escape from bondage to the material plane. So, all the physical things done during the recognition of the festival is symbolic of the spiritual … which cannot be reenacted ritually.

Now, in the news about Pope Judas-Iscariot of Argentina, disciple of the military police of Roman Catholicism (heil Jesuits!) and his going to wash the feet of the filthy souls held in a Roman prison, this is the absurdity of something called “Maundy Thursday” (in English). From Merriam-Webster, the etymology of “maundy” is: “Middle English maunde, from Old French mandé, from Latin mandatum [meaning] command, order.”

Okay. I will give everyone a minute to pull out his or her Holy Bible [English editions] and flip over to the page where it was “commanded” or “ordered” to recognize “Thursday” … in any way, shape or form.

<Jeopardy theme song plays for one minute.>

Great! You found there is none! Good for you!

Now, Webster’s and Wikipedia (et al) use the Vatican propaganda machine to say this was a “command” given by Jesus, to “love one another as I have loved you.” Because Jesus had washed the feet of his disciples [Peter abstaining violently], this is now read as the way Christians “love one another.”

That is all well and fine. However, nothing about the Seder meal (look it up, Jew haters) has anything symbolic meant to guide idiot lambs to reenact an escape from bondage in Egypt. Everything is symbolic of spiritual escape from mortality, where a soul has gained eternal life in heaven. That cannot be reenacted in a physical dinner, even if it is trinket foods.

Because of the Roman Empire … I mean the Roman Church … has hated Jews so much, for so long, they never taught any of their club members anything about the Seder meal. There are two Seder meals commanded every year, with that being a first and a second Seder. To avoid that, the Church recognizes one “supper,” and without any explanation calls the last Seder meal Jesus attended his “Last Supper.” That is code for “The second Seder cannot be said because we hate Jews!”

In the Seder symbolic ritual, they have a basin of water on the table at each plate.  In that is a is a ceremonial hand washing done. This is not so dirty fingers placed on ceremonial trinket food will not make one sick. It is symbolic of the spiritual baptism that must cleanse a soul, so it does not pick up the filth of the world [like popes rubbing up filthy Roman prisoners] and stick that in one’s mouth. Such filth will make one get sick and die; and, death from eating the crap of the world [sin] means reincarnation, to try again to get everything wrong as before.

In that ritual, nobody washes anyone else’s fingers (ceremonially or otherwise).  Everyone washes his or her own hands.

When Jesus threw a monkey into the wrench and took a basin of water, stripped down to a towel and began to wash the feet of his disciples, that was not a New Commandment that fools should reenact. Just like handwashing, foot washing is symbolic and meant to be understood in spiritual terms. Since the hand are what pick up filthy things and stick them in their mouths [the fleshy tools that bring sin into a soul, as does Antipope Frankie the Molester], the symbolism of washing feet is ALL ABOUT WALKING A RIGHTEOUS PATH. In that regard, Jesus was telling the souls of his disciples (at that point in time the traitor [the soul of Pope Judas-Iscariot] was still in his midst) “to love one another as I have loved you, by helping each of your souls that will be reborn as me [after his coming death and resurrection, before ascension] maintain a righteous way of living.”

In that, Judas would leave and never have a soul possessed by Jesus; but his soul was told to help other souls that would be Jesus reborn, to righteously earn eternal salvation. Once Jesus has entered a soul and the flesh of its fingers nevermore seek to grab filth and enter it into its soul, the unity of many reborn as Jesus means they should all stick together as one, helping each remain strong – when the world loves to beat the crap out of anything righteous [aint that right popey boy … you filthy toe sucking buzzard].

That is the truth of Christianity.  Only those souls resurrected with the soul of Jesus in their souls, so all are Jesus reborn – EACH A CHRIST – is the select grouping given that name “Christianity.”  The fact that Judas Iscariot was not allowed to be part of that says those who serve the lords of the world sacrifice their souls to Satan [not Yahweh]. People committing crimes and found guilty of such crimes, those placed in prisons, are not walking paths of righteousness, thus not to be supported in their paths of wickedness by true Christians. Those who wash the feet of criminals are symbolically saying, “Keep up the evil work!  I support you fully!”

True Christians enter ministry as Jesus reborn.  They do not sit forever in pews, doing nothing to spread the blood of the Lamb around their carcasses, in order to be spared the known-to-come passover of death. Christianity is not a club to join.  It does not elect leaders, stars, or advertisers seeking acceptance [make checks payable to “(fill in the blank name).”  It is not something that welcomes the evil presence of criminals, rightfully in prisons.  It is not something that welcomes evil in any manner.  It loves evil by letting it be evil, far from the presence of Jesus reborn in flesh.  Like Legion, sinners run away when Jesus comes near.

That truth is not told.  There has never been any truth come out of the Roman Catholic Church, because it takes real Saints to know the meaning of the words that tell of a second Seder. Not being Jewish is a first step in failing to know the truth that is told.  Not being Jesus reborn, who knows all things Jewish, to pass on to Gentiles souls married to his Father, means never knowing the truth.  The words can be read; but the truth is hidden from the wise [Big Brains].  They are only revealed to the little children of the Father.

So, the false pope can feel up every non-Christian body of flesh that is filling the squalor of Roman prisons, which his demon-loving loins desire to feel up. He can even check to see if they are circumcised … to make sure if they are Jews or not. Maybe he can wash their foreskins and watch a Vatican surgeon do a little nip and tuck. I bet that would make his one lung still left functional in his heathen body of flesh wheeze and cough from the excitement.

There is nothing written about Thursday (the fifth day of the week) in all of the New Testament. Only is Revelation is the Greek word “pemptos” (“five,” symbolic of “fifth day”) written (four times).

There is no reality to Maundy Thursday. The concept of “love one another as Jesus” is so screwed up that nobody knows that says “be Jesus reborn!”  It is simply more cow dung being heaped on a false religion that panders to “Ash Wednesday,” “Good Friday,” and everything else made up to feed the masses lies.

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The girl having a “spirit Python”

In Acts 16, the story tells of Paul, Silas, Luke and Timothy being led to Macedonia, which was in Europe. They went to a Roman colony there, named Philippi. They knew no one there.

After staying a week, they found there were no synagogues established in the Roman settlement. They realized that some diaspora had determined a place outside the city gates, down by the river [presumably a Sabbath’s walk allowed] was a place to go pray. The second Sabbath Paul and friends went there, finding a group of women, who were of the scattered Israelites’ blood, married to Gentile husbands. We find that Timothy was a son of such a marriage, in Lystra. So, Paul et al began preaching to women that knew the concepts of the Law of Moses, opening their souls to receive the soul of Jesus (which possessed them). One woman named – Lydia – was a woman of means who was like the other women: believers of the One God. Lydia’s heart received the Spirit; and, she begged Paul and his brothers in Christ to stay with them. They took them up on that offer.

Next, we read about Paul and gang encountering a girl that was possessed by a “spirit,” which was named “Python.” That capitalization has nothing to do with the serpent killed by Apollo. Instead, the capitalization says this possessing “spirit” was a Leviathan (a generic elohim) that found a soul in the sea of souls to join. This spiritual possession was not wholly bad, as it turned a young girl into a prophetess. To bring in Greek mythology to this – relative to Apollo – she became like the prophetess that would sit in the bronze tripod, situated over the crevasse that opened the earth to divine vapors that led the oracle of Delphi to speak nothing but the truth. Apollo is the god of truth (among other talents), so a girl would answer questions with divinely inspired truthful answers … those not always as easy to understand as they seemed; and, rarely what one wanted to hear (especially when paying to get the truth told).

This girl would follow Paul and buds to the prayer place by the river; but she would do so screaming at the top of her voice, saying, “These men are slaves of the Most High God, who proclaim to you a way of salvation.” [NRSV, Acts 16:17] That was the truth … but when you are going to pray, silence is the preferred setting. After four days of putting up with this girl screaming out the truth about the Apostles-Saints, for all to hear, a frustrated Paul was moved by the soul of Jesus within him to command to the girl, “I command your soul within to name of Jesus of Christ to go out of her soul.” Yahweh spoke through Jesus, through the voice of Paul, to the “spirit Python,” who heard everything loud and clear; so, Python departed the young girl.

If you want to know the rest of the story, I highly recommend you read Acts 16. The point of this posting is not to tell that story. It is to point out how the girl, in the same way that the woman of means, Lydia (and her household) were saved by hearing the voice of Jesus speak. Paul and Silas and Luke and Timothy all spoke physically; but all spoke the word of Jesus, because all were the resurrections of Jesus within their souls. The soul of Jesus (an elohim like the Leviathan, like Python, sent by Yahweh) possessed them; and, because that voice they spoke had the power to possess others (which included casting out any other spirits in possession … those in the way of righteousness), the girl was divinely possessed by Jesus, when Python ‘left the building.’ This is where it is important to see the effect the soul of Jesus had on the women of Philippi.

Now, years later (or some length of time), Paul wrote a letter to the true Christians in Philippi. In Philippians 4:2 is written [NRSV]: “I urge Euodia and I urge Syntyche to be of the same mind in the Lord.” This specifically names two women, which like the naming of Lydia in Acts 16 was a big deal. Women and children were not normally given the respect of naming. Because Paul named them in his letter, all the scholar (the Big Brains of religion) have pondered these names of women. Some propose “Euodia” is actually a man’s name, so only the female Syntyche is a woman to figure out. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article that spews the Big Brain thoughts on this: Euodia and Syntyche

The name “Euodia” means “Good Road, Right Way, Good Luck!” It comes: “From (1) the adverb ευ (eu), good or noble, and (2) the noun οδος (hodos), road or way.” [Abarim Publications] To me, this would have been one of the women of Lydia’s household. Because the name “Lydia” implies one of a former dynasty – the fallen Hittites, who many believe became the Etruscans – her being identified as a dealer of purple fabrics says the “royal color” made her be something of a noblewoman. Because “Euodia” can means “Nobel Way,” she would be a daughter of Lydia; and, she would have been of Lydia’s household that had her soul saved by Paul (Jesus possessing her soul through him).

That brings us to the name “Syntyche.” That name means: “Collective (Mis-)Fortune, Total Happenstance, Completely By Chance.” This comes “From (1) the prefix συν (sun), with, and (2) the noun τυχη (tuche), fortune, chance.” [Abarim Publications] When “Syn” is read as “Together,” and “tuche” as “Fortune,” this identifies Syntyche as the “Fortune-teller” that was “possessed” by “Python,” who was used by her Roman slave-owners to profit from her abilities to prophesy the truth. She too was saved by hearing the voice of Jesus coming from Paul’s mouth; and, in exchange for being dispossessed by Python, her soul was possessed by Jesus.

This makes for an explanation why there would be a “disagreement” between two true Christian women of Philippi. One woman had never known slavery, having been born as the daughter of a noblewoman. Euodia was born to good favor. Her soul was saved without ever knowing the harshness of the real world – call it the Marie Antoinette syndrome. Still, she was able to preach as Jesus, as were all true Christians. She spoke the truth politely. Syntyche, on the other hand, had known the harsher side of life. She was accustomed to shouting out loudly the truth, without fear of what effect that style of speaking had on others.

When Paul wrote of their differences, he said both their “names were in the book of life,” meaning their souls were saved. With Jesus within their souls, it was assured they would love one another in the way Jesus loved. Jesus loved both approaches to his ministry. There are times when the truth is best served with politeness and refinement; but there are also times when the truth needs to get in your face and scream loud enough for your soul to hear: “Hey! This is Jesus. I am talking to You!”

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The “Holy Grail”

Just recently, The History Channel aired an episode of History’s Greatest Mysteries that was focused on “The Holy Grail.” They did mention how the change of letter spacing turned “San Grael” [“Saint Vase,” or “Sacred Cup”] to “Sang Rael” [“Blood Royal”]. In essence, they filled a CNN ‘breaking news’ thirty second announcement into an hour (less way too many commercial breaks) show that solved nothing.

First of all, to address the Holy Grail being the chalice from the Last Supper, that is a Western, non-Jewish misconstruction of what the Passover Seder meal is all about. There are several things to consider here:

A. When Jesus instructed some of his disciples to go to the Essene Quarter and find a man carrying an urn of water (symbol for an Aquarian man); and, then, once found, he would show them where the upper room was that needed to be prepared for the Seder dinner, that says the upper room was a loaner. The disciples did not push some cart loaded with cups, plates, pillows and tables, because all of that was provided by the owner of the upper room. Thus, any missing cup after that Seder dinner would amount
to theft; and, Jesus did not stand for breaking the Law.

B. The meaning of the “last supper” is the reality that the Jews recognize two Seder dinners every Passover. The first Seder was in Bethany, at the home of Simon the Leper.  Thus, the upper room was where all the tables, pillows, plates and cups (and perhaps some bitter herbs, wine and oil, etc.) would be laid out on Friday afternoon, to be ready when Saturday evening (after 6:00 P.M.) rolled around and everyone attending that second (call it “last”) Seder had gathered. Each family invited would be coming from various lodging places around Jerusalem.

C. Every Seder dinner there are four ceremonial cups of wine served to everyone.  Everyone has his or her own cup to drink wine from. After the fourth cup is officially poured, the rest of the evening is designed to be a time when everyone sings song (psalms) and drinks as much wine as possible, while trying to stay awake as long as he or she can. Many Jewish children (boys mostly) recall their first “drunk” was from sneaking wine from their parent’s cups during the Seder get drunk period. There is no one cup that is passed around for all to drink from. Might as well just pass the jug and keep from having to wash the cups.

D. Jesus did not drink any wine in his final Seder meal, saying he would drink from the fruit of his vine, which would be Christianity. That would take place after his soul would be resurrected in the souls of his ‘fruit’ (he being the de-vine they would grow from). So, there was no cup to steal and call the “Holy Vase.”
untitled image

When the show turned to some new report of some guy figuring out (all by his lonesome) that the “Holy Vase” was the alabaster jar that Mary Magdalene had expensive nard in, from which she anointed the feet of Jesus (at the Seder dinner at Simon the Leper’s house, in Bethany), that was one of those ‘sounds like the fake priory of sion hoax’ things. There is nothing about that jar that touched Jesus (that we read). To then surmise that Mary walked up to Jesus’ dead body and took drops of his blood in that alabaster jar is pure make believe. Did she get a ladder and get blood from the nail wounds on his wrists? Did she go to the dried blood surrounding the crown of thorns? Did she wait for the Roman soldier to spear Jesus’ side, when fluids (not blood so much) of a decomposing body flowed forth? Was Jesus still barely alive, so Mary said, “Excuse me Lord. You know your blood might sell on the Internet some day and bring a pretty penny”? Even if it did happen as surmised, what ‘magical’ properties were supposed to be passed onto the jar, which had blood in it at one time? None.

It should be noted that the Roman Catholic Church loved to figure out who was a Saint, then dig up the bodies. Once they had the corpse in a safe place, they would remove the organs and call them “relics.” Then, those would be placed in a fancy chest or wood-carved box and taken from town to town, where the commoners would pay to see them. As a selling gimmick, they would say touching them would heal all ailments. Still, from time to time, they would dig up the body of a Saint and find that the body never decomposed and smelled like roses. The Roman Catholics would still take the organs as relics; but they would preserve the bodies as tourist attractions at the Vatican, in Saint Peter’s Cathedral.

For the man to claim that he found the jar owned by Mary Magdalene, which he tracked down doggedly, is another one of those fake priory of sion flashbacks. He said had been put in the attic of some family, whose ancestor found it in a statue that broke; so, he kept it. After not doing anything special for him, the jar supposedly spent decades in the attic, along with junk, that says the jar had no magical properties. To hear the man bought the house, with the jar (and junk) still in the attic, says It was nothing more than an empty jar.

To search for a “Holy Grail” for so many centuries would only be worthwhile IF people were healed by coming into contact with it. None of that was presented as evidence. So, the man is just another of the “Put me in front of a camera and pay me five hundred dollars to speak” kind of guys. They are a dime a dozen.

The only truth presented comes from “Sang Rael,” which means “Royal Blood.” All the religious scholars presented amount to the procession depicted in Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie, where they all chanted idiocy and then whacked their heads with wooden icons. They could have given their opinions about the “Holy Hand Grenade” on The History Channel and their scholarly opinions (ancestors of Jerusalem’s scribes?) would have been just as useless. To pontificate about Jesus having children was laughable.

Jesus was a married Jewish man, as the Pharisees and Sadducees would have stopped trying to get Jesus to commit heresy by the things he said. Instead, they would have stoned him to death for being a ‘fairy’ (like those who float around Hollywood). Some things must be taken for granted. Nowhere does it say, “And Jesus breathed air, proving he was a man.” To see that lack of proof, one could then assume Jesus held his breath his entire life … or realize Jesus breathed air like everyone else Jewish and male. Like everyone Jewish and male his age, Jesus was married and had a child. If that had not been the case, then (like we know about Sarai’s problems getting pregnant) Scripture would tell that story.

Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. That marriage was an Essene officiated marriage, when Jesus returned to Galilee after his travels to the East. The marriage was arranged and highly symbolic, but together the married couple had one son. His name was John; and he wrote the fourth Gospel, some Epistles and Revelation (aka Apokálypsis). John the Beloved was like Mary, Martha and Lazarus, as all “Beloveds” were Jesus’ married family. At the time of Jesus’ ministry, John would have been ten, eleven and twelve years of age, having become a ‘man’ (thirteen) when Jesus was crucified.

When Jesus spoke to John and Mary, it was telling his wife and son that his son would become the man of the family. John was the boy carrying the lunch basket for Jesus and the disciples, which ended up feeding five thousand. John was the boy who ran after his father, when he was arrested at Gethsemane, but when they tried to seize John, he broke free and ran naked (s reported by Peter, in Mark’s Gospel). John was the boy who outran Peter to the tomb, but then after getting there first, he would not go inside. That was because he was just a boy and could not enter tombs by himself. John was the son of Jesus; and, he was not an adult disciple. John rarely travelled with Jesus, as he stayed to help at the Bethany homestead.

John is not the one who went to France and begat a “Royal Bloodline.” John married an Egyptian Jew, and together they had a daughter, named Sara (the same name as the wife of Abraham). That infant daughter was put on a raft (rudderless), along with Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome, Mary Jacobe [the wife of Cleopas]. The three Marys arrived in France (Gaul), along with Joseph of Arimathea, Lazarus, Maximin of Bethany [one of the seventy-two sent into intern ministry by Jesus], and Sidonius [the man born blind who Jesus healed]. They all were set off into the Mediterranean Sea, expected to die. They landed in the Camargue of southern coastal France, where all went to different places and converted the locals to Christianity (which was a way of life, not a club to join and pay dues to). The infant Sara (called the “Black Madonna”) would become the bloodline to the future royalty of France.

While this is documented history, with yearly festivals held at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and pilgrimages of Romanies, Gitano from Egypt and ‘gypsies’ Eastern Europe, to honor this miraculous landing and spread of Christianity, “Royal Blood” is not the point of that which should be sought. All of those who were the first true Christians were indeed the “Holy Grail.” Each body of flesh was a “Vase” into which the “Sacred” soul of Jesus was poured. Thus, the “Royal Blood” of the kingdoms of Europe was supposed to remain ‘pure bloods,’ as the rulers of nations, whose people would be led to marry their souls to Yahweh and each be where His Son’s soul would be resurrected.

This then made the Saints of Christianity – which all who landed at the place named Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and spread to different places (some becoming bishops of the earth church in France) – be intended to be like David leading his nation’s people to all be true Israelites (a name meaning “Who Retains God” in their souls). The original Saints were slowly forced into exile by the Church of Rome, which became the religious influence on the “Royal Blood” of Western Europe. It too was considered “Royal Blood,” but more in line with the “Saint Vase” of bodies of flesh holding souls married to Yahweh and reborn as Jesus.

Alas, the lesson of David’s Israel is all good things come to an end. The lesson of the Israelite people says they stopped marrying their souls to Yahweh. They stopped being His Son resurrected. They fell under the influences of evil spirits; and, they lost everything they held dear. Thus, the kingdoms of Europe have all fallen into Samaritan-like mixed breeds, who care more about wealth and privilege, than they feel about leading the souls of commoners to marry Yahweh and become His Son reborn.

This means the truth about the quest for the “Holy Grail” is like the story told of Arthur and the knights of the Round Table – The kingdom will always fall into ruin, brought on by the waywardness of lost soul, incapable of rising to defeat evil. Every generation must become individuals who are all “Sacred Vessels” of Yahweh and His Son. Once the “Sacred Vase” is found to be one with Yahweh’s Spirit, so the King (Jesus) and the kingdom (one’s body of flesh) are one, then one can rise from the slumber of mortal death and be eternally saved … defeat evil and then sail away to Avalon.

Unfortunately, the History Channel cannot sell this idea to commercial vendors. So, this is the only place the truth can be told.

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Lenten Thoughts

In Matthew 4:1-2, we are told: “Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.” In Luke 4:1-2 we similarly read: “Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry.” Both footnote the translation of “tempted” as saying it can equally say “tested.”

The point of these two verses says forty days of testing passed quickly; and, then Jesus was “hungry.”

Everyone knows it is physically impossible to go forty days without food, without extreme physical consequences taking place. On the television reality show Alone, they point out how the contestants (those being “tested”) are regularly monitored for signs of serious health issues having developed, such as those caused by not finding enough food to eat (and that means more than grubs and berries). It is important to realize Jesus was not “tested” physically. He was tested spiritually.

When Matthew says Jesus “was led by the Spirit” (“Pneumatos” – “of Spirit”) and Luke says Jesus was “full of the Spirit Holy” (“Pneumatos Hagiou,” – “of Spirit of Sacred”), this says it was the soul of Jesus that was “tested.” The meaning of “wilderness” (from “erémon“) must be understood as Jesus’ soul entering a “solitary” environment. That says the spiritual testing was the soul of Jesus being set apart from Yahweh. Being set apart from Yahweh made Jesus become like Job; so, his soul was like prey to be tested.

When we see both apostles writing that the soul of Jesus was “hungry,” one needs to realize that souls do not eat physical food (no grubs nor berries). Souls are fed spiritual food, which comes from the Father – Yahweh. Having had his soul set in a solitary environment, one where that soul had to survive alone, without Yahweh providing the soul of Jesus any spiritual food; Jesus was on his spiritual own. Thus, after forty days without spiritual food, the soul of Jesus was “hungry.”

When you see that it was after forty days without spiritual food when the soul of Jesus was hungry, that becomes when the strongest tests of strength (inner spiritual fortitude) came. When Satan became the tester, verses one and two speak of the ways of the world being a test of one’s moral fiber. Satan has already set the world up to be a place where there are no spiritual rules to follow – the less rules the better. That forty-day test then runs the gamut of walking around seeing others breaking the Laws of Moses, day in and day out. Seeing others breaking laws is a test to see if oneself will likewise break a law; or, will one not become a sinner. Those forty days are enough to get all those mere mortals pretending to be religious to break down and sin, sin, and sin some more. Jesus made it through those forty days with flying colors; but when Satan sensed the soul of Jesus was hungry, he came in to test him at his weakest point.

Certainly, it is totally believable to all Christians that Jesus could turn the testing table on Satan, telling him where to go. Jesus’ soul was so “filled of Spirit” that he fed his own soul spiritual food, from recalling Scripture he had memorized, which rejected all of Satan’s tests. Jesus was the Son of God, so certainly he could do that.

The sad and miserable state of Christianity today says, “It is okay to pretend we can go forty days without failing a test of spiritual food. Heck, most of us never read the Holy Bible … and when it is read to us, we have no clue what any of it means. So, we have gone lifetimes without any spiritual food of merit. We ate baby spiritual food in Children’s Church, but that’s it. It is a joke for us to pretend to go forty more days without one measly sin being temporarily suspended. And, hey … who’s watching if we break that commitment too!”

The point of Lent is this: One’s soul is supposed to have Transfigured. No longer a miserable sinner, one’s soul has divinely married Yahweh and become His spiritual wife. The wedding vows are the Commandments (all of them!). The wedding ring is the Spirit that encircles one’s soul-body. That cleansing (Holy Baptism) takes away all past filth and makes one a Virgin womb, ready for that most Holy penetration of Jesus seed [“Yahweh Saves” implant] into one’s soul. That then becomes the resurrection of Jesus within, where one’s birth soul [breath of life] submits to him as one’s Lord. When Jesus is within one’s soul, leading one’s actions, then the expectation of a spiritual test in solitary means one watches the Lord keep one’s soul from sins of the world for forty days. When Satan comes because one becomes spiritually hungry, then the Lord will kick his ass all over again.

Lent is about being Jesus reborn. Passing that test means one is truly ready to enter ministry … as Jesus reborn.

But then, the world is going to hell in a handbasket; so, not many souls are able to go a full day without sinning anymore. Without Jesus, everyone is just Satan pretending to be some member of a religion … mocking Yahweh and His Son.

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Why are you afraid, you of little faith?

This morning the local Baptist minister preached about faith.

His main Gospel reading focused on Matthew 8:23-27, which tells the story of Jesus stilling the storm on the sea. In verse twenty-six, Jesus (who had been asleep, but awakened) said to the disciples manning the boat, “Why are you afraid, you of little faith?”

This led to the minister saying there were two kinds of Christians: those of weak faith and those of strong faith.

To say “weak faith” is to mean “have belief.”

Faith means a personal experience, knowing what is true.  Anything less than that is not faith.

Belief is an intellectual approach towards that which is not known, only assumed to be true.

The minister marveled at the prior stories told in Matthew’s eighth chapter: Jesus healed a leper; he healed a paralyzed servant of a Centurion; and, he healed Peter’s mother-in-law when Jesus went to Peter’s house and found her with a fever.

The Baptist minister placed greater focus on the Centurion story, because Jesus told him, “Truly I tell you, in no one in Israel have I found such faith.”

This was because the Centurion told Jesus he did not have to come to his house. He knew that all Jesus needed to do was give the order for his servant to be healed and it would be done. So, Jesus told the Centurion, “Go; let it be done for you according to your faith.” And, at that time the servant was healed.

Now, the Baptist minister said Jesus got in the boat with his disciples, saying, “He must have been tired, so he went to sleep. After all, Jesus had put in a long day healing people and walking around. He was in the flesh like everyone else, so he got tired and needed rest.”

The minister marveled at the power of Jesus “to rebuke the winds and the sea.” He did not see the clear metaphor of that story that applied then, as well as it applies today.

Every time in the books of the Holy Bible where there is talk of sleep, that must be seen as metaphor for death.  The classic example is when Jesus was told that Lazarus was ill and he needed to come quickly.  Jesus said then, “Lazarus is only sleeping.”

When the shortest verse in the Bible is, “He wept,” those tears spoke as if Jesus got tired of saying, “Why are you afraid, you of little faith?”

The disciples Simon-Peter, James and John of Zebedee were fishermen. They owned boats that they knew how to navigate on the Sea of Galilee. They had made their living as fishermen … as sailors.

On the Sabbaths they accompanied Jesus, as he did his business for Yahweh – preaching and healing. During the week, however, those seamen went back to their day jobs, as fishermen.

The metaphor of them getting on the boat with Jesus asleep (Mark says “asleep in the stern”) … at the rear of the boat … out of the fishermen’s way, says Jesus was useless baggage to workers.  He was like Lazarus in a tomb – out of sight and out of mind.  Then, up came a storm and the waves of the sea began to crash into the boat. They became fearful and afraid.

Doing their day job meant suddenly, unexpectedly, all hell broke loose.  The boat was sinking and their mortality suddenly screamed in their faces, “Call Jesus!”

Jesus being dead to them (the metaphor of sleep) says they went about life just lugging Jesus around, like he was a cross dangling from a chain around their necks, a decal on their rear bumper or an icon on the dash of their cars. They went about their routine, daily business without following Jesus, because they had mortgages and car notes to pay. There was no way they could navigate the sea of a wicked world being ‘Jesus-lovers’ or ‘holy rollers.’ They had to hide their beliefs and play by the rules of the wild, wild sea; and, that meant putting their faith behind them, as they sailed onward.

The Baptist minister hit this nail on the head (somewhat), saying that people call “faith” their denomination of Christian religion. He said, “Oh I’m of the Baptist faith, or I’m of the Methodist faith.” He then said, “That is not what faith means.”

He said that was weak faith; but he meant that was belief.

Believing in Jesus, based on what some denomination of Christianity tells one to believe is not faith.

The men in that boat being afraid – as real as that story was, as a true event of a storm coming up suddenly and Jesus having to rescue them – reflects upon everyone who claims to be a Christian today. Saying, “I’m Christian” and then not being Jesus reborn, as a true Christ, is lying.  That means being one who puts his or her religious beliefs in the closet – dead to the world – while one goes about a sinful life.

It is not unusual.  It is normal.  To be faithless and afraid is what people do … all the time.

The Baptist minister did not warn his pewples what Jesus said to the Roman Centurion, whose faith was in a system of command, where orders given must be carried out by the soldiers that were an integral part that made that system work. Jesus told him: “I tell you, many will come from east and west and will eat with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven, while the heirs of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

That was Jesus telling a Gentile, “The future of faith in what I can do lies in people just like you – non-Jewish. The future salvation of souls – those who will eat with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob – will be those souls who have complete faith that I and them are one, in a system of Yahweh.  They will be the soldiers carrying out the orders, who will truly be called Christians. However, all those who think all they need is a little belief and then they get all the benefits, with none of the servitude … well, they will be thrown into hell.”

The Baptist minister promoted the same ole same ole. All you have to do is have faith that Jesus is this external entity that will come rescue you when you are in trouble, IF you have a big amount of belief called faith.

The truth was said by Jesus to the Centurion, when he said to him, “I tell you, in no one in Israel have I found such faith.”  Jesus said that to a Roman commander while in Galilee.  The name “Israel” must be read for the truth it stands for: one “Who Retains God” … which means being one with His Son.

Likewise, the truth was said by Jesus to his disciples, who put his soul to death in their boat(s).  By doing that, they were thinking they were heirs to a kingdom (as Jews).  When he said to them, “ Why are you afraid, you of little faith?” he was saying their ticket to death was to the bottom of the sea, not to some heavenly kingdom.

None of them were “in Israel.”

The Baptist minister talked a lot about fears … saying there was a lot to be fearful of these days … COVID pandemic fears, fears of a possible war in Europe … so faith was most important to have at this time.

The problem is he never once said how you get faith.

He never once pointed out the metaphor of Jesus being asleep within the boat of his disciples said Jesus was not alive within them.

He never once told his viewing and listening audience, “You must be one with Jesus, living as Jesus reborn, not carrying Jesus around like some dead icon … a cross neckless, a decal on a window, a membership card for some church.”

The reason there are so many fearful things in the world – all those storms that suddenly come up, springing from out of nowhere – is Jesus is sleeping.  He is not living in those who say they believe in Jesus.

If Jesus were living and COVID19 became something used by fearmongers to keep Christians from going to church, then all who were Jesus reborn would rise and rebuke the wind raising that sea spray … saying (as Mark wrote), “Quiet! Be still!”

If Jesus were living and Russia were threatening to invade Ukraine, then the order would be made, “Go back home! Or, be thrown into the outer darkness!”

Alas, fear holds the day; and, that is because Jesus is asleep in the stern of the boat, when he should be the commander at the helm.

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Eating the produce of the land

In Joshua 5:12 is written: “The manna ceased on the day they ate the produce of the land, and the Israelites no longer had manna; they ate the crops of the land of Canaan that year.”

It is a little difficult to see the truth that is hidden in these words (English translated from Hebrew), but when one sees the reality of that written says “sons of Israel,” not “Israelites,” that aspect of “sons” says all who entered the Promised Land (Canaan) were sworn in divine marriage to Yahweh, as His “sons.” The meaning of the name “Israel” is this: one “Who Retains el,” where that means one is of the “elohim” of Yahweh – Yahweh elohim. Once everyone was Spiritually transformed in that way, they no longer needed an external source of spiritual food to consume. Everything they needed came to them through their souls being married to Yahweh; and, that means the “sons of Israel” became the manna for those who would possess Canaan (the local peoples and the children to be born to them as well).

This means the physical manna from heaven ceased by changing forms. The ‘manna’ became the “sons of Israel,” which is an entirely different human being than an ‘Israelite.’ The “produce of the land” (call it “crops”) was not wheat grains, olives, grapes and figs. The “produce of the land” would be the judges, Samuel, David, and a whole slew of prophets. The trend there is the failure to reproduce on the land “sons of Israel” in mass numbers, like those who entered near Jericho, with Joshua. The trend was to have little spiritual food available to the Israelites, until they split and broke in two, before going belly-up by space invaders.

When the captives in Babylon were freed by the Persians (free to leave Babylon, but not free to own any land), a new phase of “produce of the land” came, found in what we know as the New Testament. The four Gospels and Acts, plus the Epistles by Saints became the new replacements of spiritual food, taking the place of manna from heaven.

What is forgotten in all of this history is Moses commanding the Israelites in the wilderness (about the manna that fell from the sky): “‘Each one is to gather as much as he needs. You may take an omer for each person in your tent.” But, “No one may keep any of it until morning.” Because, if you leave “part of it until morning,” then “it [will become] infested with maggots and began to smell.” The moral of the story of physical manna is this: It is your daily bread; so, take only as much as you can eat in one day … no more.

That rule never was erased. Just because manna ceased coming from the sky, the same then applied and carried over to the “sons of Israel.” What they said could not be gathered in quantities more than one could digest in one day. If they said more than could be digested in one day, then go back a day later and take another daily dose of spiritual food … but no more.

Then came modern Christians and their total lack of understanding of anything to be considered spiritual food. On Passion Sunday, they gather over twenty-five hundred words of spiritual food, written by one Saint. They do not bother trying to understand it. They just love to heap it in one huge pile and then sit back in pews and watch it turn to maggots and stink to high heaven. There are no “sons of Israel” leading any of the modern Christian churches.

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God of the living, not of the dead

In Mark 12:18-27 and in Matthew 20:27-40 is told of an encounter between Jesus and Sadducees, who questioned Jesus about the resurrection.

We are informed that the Sadducees did not believe in a resurrection; so, their question was setting a trap for Jesus, where he would have no way of explaining belief in such a concept as spirits rising from dead bodies, based on Scripture. Based on Mosaic Law dealing with childless widows and remarriage to a living brother, the Sadducees posed the ridiculous scenario of seven brother having been all married to the same women (one at a time, each following an elder brother’s death), with no children born to that woman. The question was, “In the resurrection whose wife will she be?”

In response, Jesus first asked these Judaic philosophers, “Is not this the reason you are wrong, that you know neither the scriptures nor the power of God?” (Mark 12:24, NRSV) This says the Sadducees came up with an idiotic question, because they had no understanding of Scripture, with no idea what abilities God has.

In Luke 20:34-35, Jesus added, saying “Those who belong to this age marry and are given in marriage; but those who are considered worthy of a place in that age and in the resurrection from the dead neither marry nor are given in marriage.” (NRSV) In this, the Greek word “aiōnos” is written twice, each time translated as “age,” which is a difficult to grasp statement of timing. The word can equally say “space in time,” which makes the meaning be “in the now and present.”  That present equated to that times when Jesus and the Sadducees were standing, talking, and being alive in their “age” on earth. Thus, Jesus said marriage is only a legal coupling of two living human beings (those of the opposite sex), for the purpose of having babies. When Jesus said the “space in time” after death yields no necessity for human marriage, that was setting up what he said next.

In Luke 20:36, Jesus continued, by stating “Indeed they cannot die anymore, because they are like angels and are children of God, being children of the resurrection.” (NRSV)  Mark reported Jesus saying, “For when they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.” (Mark 12:25, NRSV) This says that a soul is an eternal entity that only experiences death when it fills a body of human flesh. The comparison to “angels” says a soul is unseen, because it is immaterial. It is like an “angel” in the fact that it is an extension of Yahweh (God); thus, a soul is one of the “children of God.”

This element of “children” then hints of the reason mankind (in two sexes, designed to create children) are expected to be fruitful and multiply. That is why Mosaic Law speaks of marriage, because a soul’s sole purpose is to make babies, so Yahweh can place more souls (His children) back into human flesh. In the heavenly realm, only Yahweh creates “children” – some “angels” and some souls.

When Jesus then asked the Sadducees, “And as for the dead being raised, have you not read in the book of Moses, in the story about the bush, how God said to him, ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’? (Mark 12:26, NRSV) [Also stated as: “And the fact that the dead are raised Moses himself showed, in the story about the bush, where he speaks of the Lord as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” – Luke 20:37, NRSV)]  This answered the first question posed, where Jesus said the Sadducees did not know the scriptures.

The combination of “mē eidotes” and “ouk anegnōte,” translated as “not perceiving” and “not have discerned” does not mean Jesus told the Sadducees that they had not memorized scripture correctly. They certainly had done that; but they knew nothing of the meaning behind the words they memorized.  That ignorance made them pose idiotic scenarios, based wholly on how little truth they had discerned from scripture.

In Exodus 3:1-6 (and more), we read of Moses having a divine experience of Yahweh. The “bush” is metaphor for the children of God, which (remembering what Jesus had already said to the Sadducees) are “angels” that had entered souls in human flesh, becoming “Yahweh elohim.” Yahweh elohim are the Sons of God, which are His children.  The Sadducees (like most all teachers of scripture in the twenty-first century) could not see the “bush” as anything more than a desert shrubbery that had some mysterious fire upon it, which was not consuming it.

The “blazing bush that was not consumed” (paraphrase of Exodus 3:2b, NRSV) was the ‘family tree’ that Moses had just entered and became a limb of. Thus, when Exodus 3:6 has Yahweh say to Moses, “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob,” that means Yahweh’s earthly angelic children were those whose souls had received the soul of Yahweh’s elohim Son (Adam-Jesus). Moses had just been added to the list that included Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob [call that last one “Israel” – his elohim name].

This has to be understood or one becomes a stump just as dumb as the Sadducees. Luke has Jesus next saying, “Now he is God not of the dead, but of the living; for to him all of them are alive.” Mark wrote, “He is God not of the dead, but of the living.” (Mark 12:27a, NRSV) This says that Moses, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were examples of human beings who were alive, because they had become “children of God.” The aspect of “the dead” is not some corpse buried in the ground, or bones gathered in some urn, but those souls walking around in bodies of human flesh thinking that is life. Simply because flesh is dead matter, animated by a soul; and, a soul can only animate dead matter for a limited amount of time (certainly not an “age”), a soul waiting for death to come and release the soul to be judged by Yahweh will never find resurrection. [Give the Sadducees a point for being right, as far as there is no resurrection when dead matter returns to death.]

Mark had Jesus add, “you are quite wrong.” (Mark 12:27b, NRSV) That says the Sadducees concept of life and death was upside down. They did not understand the “ability of God” to bring life to the dead flesh that a soul inhabited, prior to the soul’s release. They had wasted time memorizing scripture quotes; but they did not know the meaning behind any of them. The reason is they were dead spiritually. They had souls in bodies of dead flesh; and, they were doing nothing to ask Yahweh to use His miraculous powers and come save their souls – raising life into that dead. [Take a point away from the Sadducees, because that says Resurrection is true … just misunderstood by ignoramuses.]

Certainly, the Sadducees got down on their knees each night, before going to sleep [metaphor for death] and prayed, “Thank you God for making me all wise and able to memorize the Laws and point out the errors in other Jews. Amen.” There are plenty of Christians and Jews that are souls animating dead flesh today that say the same prayer. It is so easy to worship a Big Brain.  The lesson of this conversation between Jesus and Sadducees is based on a rejection of Resurrection. When Jesus said, “Now he is God not of the dead, but of the living,” the only Resurrection of importance is “Now.”

If one is not a saint, one is dead. One has not resurrected the “angel” Son of Yahweh within one’s soul. Yahweh’s ability had Jesus raise Lazarus from death, to demonstrate that the resurrection of the dead meant true life entering into a soul covered in dead flesh. Yahweh showed His abilities when He sacrificed His Son on a cross, so his soul would be released to enter into those souls who were like Moses – sinners that were walking dead. One has to do like Moses and “turn aside” from the way the world is leading one’s soul-in-the-flesh to go. One needs to hide one’s face of self-importance and become the face of Yahweh on earth.

When one does that, then Yahweh is the God of one living. Death of the old has brought about the resurrection of the new. One no longer needs to fear physical death, because when one becomes a child of God, then one has gained eternal life. One becomes Jesus reborn; and, that means confronting the idiots that think they are living the good life because they memorize scripture and make a good living doing that. The hidden humor in this confrontation between the Sadducees and Jesus is they reflected the seven brothers who could never produce an heir. Their knowledge of Law becomes the reason they all had become sterile.

The poor woman that had to endure being married to all of those barren men reflects on the Law of Moses as their wife. Each man took control over scripture, but none could ever make it come alive – to give birth to meaning.  So, when everyone was dead, there is no need for marriage vows [the Covenant] anymore.  The union of a soul in human flesh [a brother] and the Law [the wife to all brothers] is meant to create a resurrection on earth – a most divine marriage – where two are joined as one anew, never again to be separated.  [Human marriage is a reflection of humans playing god; Holy Matrimony is when a soul submits to Yahweh’s Spirit and becomes Resurrected in dead flesh.]

The misconception that the physical realm is a mirror image of the spiritual realm has a male dominated world look down on women as nothing but their possessions. Thus, the Sadducees wanted Jesus to tell them who would still possess the woman after death.  The fact that the physical realm is the only realm that requires two sexes to make a new human being makes it appear that men are Godlike, while women are just one of the many pleasures God gives to men. This is where it is wrong to think that way.

All human beings are sexless souls [colorless too], which are all in need to marrying Yahweh to find salvation. That means all human beings are expected to be the wives of Yahweh and submit to him like this poor old woman did in the imaginations of idiots. The problem always stems from thinking one is a god, equal to Yahweh, missing the point that says all human beings are Yahweh’s possession.  He is the Father. Spirits are His male children. Everything made of matter is feminine and designed to spread wide and receive Him.

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Simon Magus

In Acts 8 is the story of a man named Simon. He was some dude with a big following in Samaria. He amazed the Samaritans with magic [“mageia”]. He claimed to be great because of God. Then, the Apostle Philip went into Samaria and began preaching the truth of Jesus; and, his words opened the hearts of the Samaritans, baptizing them with water. However, water was only symbolic of a temporary engagement period, marking a soul as a bridesmaid [men and women] to Yahweh.

When Simon the magician saw how the speech of Philip mesmerized the Samaritans, he went down with them, following Philip, so he too could be baptized by water. Simon, being a trickster, knew the art of careful observation … kind of like an antique, real-life version of Sherlock Holmes … so he only went to be baptized because he wanted to see what Philip’s ‘trick’ was. All magicians know that the harder to observe a trick is, the easier it is to tell people, “It’s magic,” and they will believe.

Believers will pay a lot of money to watch hard to spot tricks being used.

Well, Philip sent out a prayer for help bringing on the Spirit of Yahweh in marriage to the Samaritans, making them become true Christians. The prayer was heard ninety miles away, in Jerusalem; so, Peter and John of Zebedee were dispatched to go to join Philip in Samaria and lead the Samaritans to be filled with the Spirit of Yahweh in divine marriage.

Now, the only reason Peter and John were sent to assist Philip in the marriage of Samaritans was the newlywed souls would need more than one Saint to help them receive the Spirit. When Peter and John arrived, Simon the magician watched and saw them touching the Samaritans, which immediately made them rejoice with the Spirit. Simon the magician thought they had some special trick that involved touch.

Simon the magician went to Peter and asked him to sell the trick of touch that made people rejoice. A trick like that would easily repay whatever the cost would be to purchase that power.

Peter told Simon, “May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain God’s gift with money! You have no part or share in this, for your heart is not right before God. Repent therefore of this wickedness of yours, and pray to the Lord that, if possible, the intent of your heart may be forgiven you. For I see that you are in the gall of bitterness and the chains of wickedness.” [Acts 8:20-23, NRSV]

In the apocryphal book The Acts of Peter, we find Simon the magician had found his way to Rome and was doing tricks that had him fly in the air. He amazed the Emperor Nero, who said only a man of God could fly. This became a contest that pitted Peter against Simon, in a battle of those led by divine spirits – elohim – with Peter led by Yahweh and Simon led by Satan. It was kinda like Elijah challenging the priests of Baal to light a fire on a sacrificial altar. Peter, like Elijah, won the battle, with Simon falling to earth, crashing and burning in a heap. He would die after licking his wounds. Still, Peter would be crucified because he did no acts of magic that entertained the Emperor.

These stories are fun to read and marvel at, when they are read only as difficult to believe Biblical stories. When one thinks, “Nothing like that happens anymore,” nothing is gained from reading divine Scripture.

Simon the magician is alive and well today. He uses the tricks that claim he is a man of God, where he can touch the cripples and make them walk – HEAL in the name of God – they scream in their magic acts.

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They have television networks that say they need as much money as their viewers can spare, “To do the Lord’s work.” They are flying through the air of Rome (and all other international cities of importance) in private jets purchased by the lucrative business that is modern evangelism.

Modern Christianity has become an act of entertainment. It does not teach the truth, which others see as tricks. It does not make calls for true Saints to come assist those who have been taught, “Yahweh wants to marry your soul; but you have to welcome that divine union.” None are around to come and help officiate that holy matrimony, helping the new Saints to understand what it means to be reborn as the Son of Yahweh, as told by another who personally knows that experience.

Self-sacrifice needs others who have self-sacrificed to support one another and share in the realization of what it means to have one’s soul married to Yahweh. That support is the truth of a “church” or “assembly of those in the name of Jesus [all Christs].” That union means picking up the cross of ministry, the same ministry Jesus began. It means being Jesus reborn; and, that ministry … taken up by one who was prior just an ordinary soul in flesh … can no longer be held back by ordinary human lusts for selfish pleasures.

Simon the magician is the epitome of what being an ordinary soul in human flesh strives to achieve in the material realm, in a linear view of eternity that only sees birth and death as beginning and end … nothing beyond. Simon the magician saw everyone else as sheep to be fleeced. Those who have become the resurrections of Simon the magician show the past becoming the present and future.  His reborn sons of sleight of hand know how people get rich by tricking the people to believe God makes individuals great, because people need great individuals to follow blindly.

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Simon the magician shows what happens to those souls in human flesh that think like him. They crash and burn, licking their wounds from the coffin to their Judgement before Yahweh. Then, they will hear how Peter was not speaking for Peter, when he said, “this wickedness of yours will be your chains of ruin.” Peter opened his mouth and Yahweh, through His Son Jesus resurrected in Peter, spoke that condemnation.

The sin of “simony” was invented and named after Simon Magus.  It means, “the buying or selling of ecclesiastical privileges, for example pardons or benefices.”  Think about how many times someone has suggested, “Give and it will be given to you,” so some organization, so televangelist, or some trickster can get what he, she or it wants, at your expense.  When Jesus said, “Give and it will be given to you,” think about that.  The only thing spiritual you have that Yahweh has any desire for is your soul.  If you give your soul, then your soul will be given eternal life … forever in union with His realm.  The lesson of Simon the magician is you cannot buy God’s gift of eternal life.  That only comes through divine marriage and being reborn as His Son.

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