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Why “Gay” and “Marriage” Are As Opposite as “Play” and “Work”

Now you can call a couple of gay lover’s binding agreement a marriage, or two retirement home geezers tying the knot so they can move into the same apartment a marriage, but seeing the sterility of those unions, what keeps one from calling a signed contract (loan agreement) for a new 2012 BMW 7 series a marriage? All can be seen as commitments that accept high levels of responsibility, which makes one or both parties involved work very hard to support a plaything. But, plaything unions will only last as long as it is fun to play with that partner. When the fun of play wears off, it is time to look for another playmate. Fortunately, if two “sterile” partners split ways, then no one gets hurt other than those two. After all, there will never be any babies to worry about finding a home for any of those examples. Continue reading

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