Adam and adam

The Holy Bible is filled with names, some that are hard to pronounce.  I enjoy looking up the name meanings on websites, so I will be better able to understand a reading.  Often, I find that several biblical characters have the same name, so it is important to know which one is being referenced.  One example is Lazarus.  That is a character in Jesus’ parable about the rich man, and Lazarus was the man Jesus raised from the dead.  These are two different people.

What seems to get past people is the Genesis chapter 1 reference to Adam and the Genesis chapters after chapter 1 referring to Adam.  These are not two different people, but two different intended uses of the same word.  Genesis 1 uses Adam to mean mankind, not one specific man named Adam.  That begins in chapter 2.  Adam was the name given to a specific man because he was a special man.  Adam was the Son of Man who was the Son of God (God made).  Adam the named man was sent to save mankind Adam.

When you are able to see the difference, it is easier to see how the books of the Holy Bible are stories of that salvation spirit, as the storyline follows the lineage that stays true to God.  Certainly, many men, born of holy men, fell to the wayside; and many stories are about the difficulties holy men have amid a sea of corrupted mankind.  The storyline is establishing the men (Adams) who would lead the world (eventually) to realize there is only one God.  This line leads to Jesus, also called the Son of Man.  The holy men after Jesus are those filled with the Holy Spirit, sent by Christ, so holy men are all Adams (the named man) with the breath of God giving them life, and the heart of Christ keeping them holy.  Just like with the first named Adam, holy Adams are here for the rest of the world.

Written by Robert Tippett.  Please visit our website: Katrina Pearls.


About rtippett97

I have an ability to understand Nostradamus in a way that no one else can. I can translate and interpret what he wrote in the letters and verses of The Prophecies, in such a way that can be logically defended. That ability has led me to find that I am able to understand the books of the Holy Bible in ways I never imagined I could. None of this talent has come to me through educational institutions or seminaries, as everything dawns upon me. No one has taught me what I understand. My understanding is purely by divine assistance, which I did not seek to possess, but which I wholeheartedly welcome. Because I do not have this ability to keep to myself, I write freely about those translations and interpretations that come to me, so others may find how they too can understand how Nostradamus was a prophet of God and how Christianity is now failing Christ, just as the children of Israel failed God. Understanding what I have to offer is the only chance this world has for survival. If you would like to ask questions and take the time to seriously discuss this topic, feel free to send me an email or post a comment on one of my blog articles.
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