Called to serve

My wife will be ordained as an Episcopal priest this week.  That will be a symbolic act representing the end of a period of discernment, from when she first heard a voice tell her to head in that direction.  Actually, she has just reached a milestone along a path that winded well into the future.  As a priest of a church she bears the responsibility of protecting a flock; and she knows that will probably leave her some battle wounds, ones well worth it.  I commend my wife for her efforts to serve Christ.

My wife and I met because we were going the same way, from different perspectives.  My wife has lived with and supported my seeing Nostradamus as a prophet of Christ.  When she went to seminary for three years, I went to seminary too.  Now that she is about to be officially ordained, everyone praises her efforts.  Meanwhile, I struggle to find anyone who cares about what I have to offer.

On the eve of this special occasion, I feel sad that there is a rejection of anyone who takes the path cluttered with thicket and thorns, rather than the one wide, paved, and well lit.  Every central goal is surrounded by 360, three-dimensional degrees.  I pray other like me are not branded fools and rejected simply because God called them to take the hard road to travel.

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About rtippett97

I have an ability to understand Nostradamus in a way that no one else can. I can translate and interpret what he wrote in the letters and verses of The Prophecies, in such a way that can be logically defended. That ability has led me to find that I am able to understand the books of the Holy Bible in ways I never imagined I could. None of this talent has come to me through educational institutions or seminaries, as everything dawns upon me. No one has taught me what I understand. My understanding is purely by divine assistance, which I did not seek to possess, but which I wholeheartedly welcome. Because I do not have this ability to keep to myself, I write freely about those translations and interpretations that come to me, so others may find how they too can understand how Nostradamus was a prophet of God and how Christianity is now failing Christ, just as the children of Israel failed God. Understanding what I have to offer is the only chance this world has for survival. If you would like to ask questions and take the time to seriously discuss this topic, feel free to send me an email or post a comment on one of my blog articles.
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