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How to Test A False Prophet

The saying, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck” is lacking the true “duck test.” A true duck is tested by putting it to the water test. If it flaots, swims, and has water bead up and roll off its back, THEN it can be verified as a duck. We have to be willing to test for such truths. Continue reading

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Pearls before Miss Piggy

For a long time I visualized someone actually throwing a string of pearls into a hog pen, when I read Matthew 7:6. I have now come to understand this verse and its true meaning. We are pearls before God, but when we give up that recognition by “selling out” to anything less than God, we have become pearls around the necks of swine. To visualize this, look at a picture of Miss Piggy. Continue reading

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The Real Meaning of the Parable of the Talents

This means the “Gift of God” is a “talent” that must be grown and cared for, not given away (tag, you’re it) or buried for safekeeping, so that one seed given would become one seed never expanded.

A “talent” is the “gift” of “light.” You do not hide this “talent,” nor do you let it go out. We are not expected to give away our personal light, so that someone else becomes the light. Simply put, the gift of light is not ours to lose. Instead, keepers of the flame let others ignite their own fire of light, while keeping their own fully ablaze.
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